PDG Brian More - Wine Smarts

PDG Brian Moore began his hobby of wine appreciation in 1978. Being educated as a civil engineer, he had no formal training in enology or viticulture. At the urging of a friend, he attended a meeting of the Sacramento Home Winemakers Association. At that meeting, he was able to sample wine produced by the members of the club. He was fascinated in the dedication the members had in the ‘art’ of winemaking. The club’s focus was to educate it members in not only making good wine but developing a knowledge of the various types of wine grapes and how to care for them. Brian saw this as an opportunity to learn about a product that was chiefly produced in the areas surrounding Sacramento. He became an active member participating in the club wine tastings and learning to recognize desirable qualities in wines as well as the faults. He participated in the administering of the statewide competition that was the responsibility of the club at that time. In four years he became President of the club and served numerous years assisting at wine competitions throughout Northern California. In 1987, he was invited to sit for an exam to become a State certified wine judge. Eight such individuals did take the exam and he was one of the four who passed. As a certified wine judge, Brian has been invited to serve as a judge for numerous commercial and home wine competitions. He is one of the longest serving wine judges for the California State Commercial Wine Competition. This year will be his 14th year of judging for that specific event. Even though he has been a judge for nearly 3 decades, he continues to learn with each competition. He is a firm believer that wine appreciation is up to the individual. He enjoys assisting people in developing their appreciation for wine.     

Wine Smarts - "Did You Know?"

At last, the long awaited sequel to Wine Smarts. Experience more fun in learning about wine. What you might have not known about wine appreciation by our country’s forefathers. Some common wine myths are dispelled. Learn how wine actually benefits one’s health. Plus the age old controversy: Screw Cap vrs Cork is analyzed. Also name that bottle: Is that a Jeroboam or Nebuchanezzar??; plus other little known wine facts are discussed in the presentation “Wine Smarts: Did You Know?” by PDG Brian Moore. A certified wine judge for the State of California for nearly 30 years, PDG Moore also known as “Chief Grape” in his year as District Governor, will share some interesting facts on wine and the wine industry. If you have an interest in wine and wish to learn more on the subject, be sure to attend this coming meeting.