Blood Drive Follow-Up (from Melanie Uhrenholt)


Hi Fellow Rotarians,


THANK YOU to those who came out to the blood drive at Pins N Strikes this Tuesday! Thank you to everyone who helped promote the event and to those whom tried to give blood but for one reason or another were unable to. I (we) appreciate everything you put into it. I wanted to pass along a kind note from Elizabeth at blood source in regards to the event and how helpful the blood we donated will be to those in need. Please take time to read the bolded email below. J


“Hi Melanie,


A HUGE THANK YOU to you and all the Rotary folks for being so incredibly understanding with us yesterday!! We truly appreciate how patient and kind everyone was. And how helpful people were helping us get going. It was incredible to see such a wonderful turnout of dedicated and caring folks. At the drive we registered 26 donors, collected 19 pints of lifesaving blood and there were 7 first timers to BloodSource.  There was a nice dedicated group of “regular” donors who participated and then to have so many new folks (seven) participate is just fantastic!


Blood is critically needed each and every day and, as you know, there is a story behind every blood transfusion and your donors have offered hope for individuals and families! A heartfelt thank you to all the donors!


I will send a note to the fabulous folks at Pins N Strikes who were so wonderful and accommodating.


I enjoyed working with you and truly appreciate all that you did to make the drive such a lifesaving success. Please express our gratitude to all the Rotary members who took time out of their day to make a difference in the lives of others. And another big thank you for all the extra goodies for the donors – what a nice treat!


I really enjoyed meeting the bubbly Reese and her family yesterday and appreciate that they shared their story..


Thank you again!!